Oizom Air Monitoring


Smart City

Oizom provides solutions for complete environmental monitoring of a smart city. The air monitoring system is compatible with the available network and infrastructure of the city. The authorities can access the data and create awareness among the people.

Dust Supression

Oizom offers a smart, cost-effective, and low powered air monitoring system focused on Suspended Particle Monitoring Solution. Peripheral monitoring around Construction site / Mines & Quarries / Civil Works is beneficial to ensure the activities are not violating the regulations. Dust and odour suppression can also be linked with our misting systems.

Smart Campus

Oizom sensor is a smart solution to empower the residents of the society. The air monitoring system monitors the dust and noise levels in the residence periphery. The data is dispersed as suggestive actions in the mobile app to help the residents take data-driven decisions.

Waste Water Treatment

Oizom monitors odourful gaseous emission on a real-time basis near process tanks of an STP or ETP for data-driven odour control for waste water treatment. The odour impact on the surroundings can be tracked to take remedial actions. Dust and odour suppression can also be linked with our misting systems.

Road Safety

Oizom solutions offer enhanced road safety by monitoring pollution and weather on roads. Monitoring Visibility, Road Surface Temperature, Snow on Road, etc. can help in smoothening traffic flow and automating ventilations at tunnels and parking areas.

Solid Waste Management

Oizom offers odour monitoring around a Municipal Solid Waste dumpyards or landfills. The in-built weather station monitors odour dispersion even during high winds. The inconvenience can be restricted by suppressing the odour. Dust and odour suppression can also be linked with our misting systems.


End-to-End / Accuracy / Proven / Scalable

End-to-End Solution
Oizom offers a 360-degree solution – from problem identification to its solution. That’s why we not only provide ambient air quality monitoring but also provide the analytics.

Data Accuracy
We at Oizom, are resilient to give you the most accurate data. Our Air Monitoring System has patented ‘Micro-Sampling Technology’ and 3-level calibration to provide up to 92% accuracy.

Proven Technology
Oizom uses IoT based e-breathing technology to deliver optimum solutions. We target the application through our high-end hardware, cloud software, and data science.

Scalable Use Cases
We create a dense network of data points at the target location. This enables us to identify hyperlocal problems and take data-driven decisions for solving the problem.