Dr Trouble Chilli Sauces

Dr Trouble Chilli Sauce

Dr Trouble Lemon Chilli Sauce

This sauce is of medium heat, and blends 85% Birds Eye chilli with 25% Cayenne. A strong, clean lemon flavour with notes of ginger, mango masala and a touch of garlic.

It’s most often paired with chicken, fish, sliced avocado dishes, guacamole, and even Bloody Marys. Works well with freshly cooked spinach and steamed vegetables.

Available in 125ml and 250ml options

Dr Trouble Oak Smoked

Dr Trouble Smoked Oak Sauce

Oak smoked - a piquant sauce with a clean lemon flavour and full bodied oak smoke, with a touch of mango masala. It is made with a blend of 25% Bird’s Eye chilli, and 75% Cayenne.

Works well with all BBQ dishes, red meats and cheese, and is perfect for the traditional English fried egg and bacon breakfast. Great with steak or ham sandwiches.

Available in 125ml and 250ml options

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