Mosquito Solutions


MTech Malta Mosquito Solutions

  • If you have a mosquito problem, be it big or small, then we have a solution for you. From Temporary Sprays for parties, to permanent Installed Misting Systems
  • MTech Malta, is the leading mosquito eradicating company in Malta.
  • Our international product is proven effective, with over 100 thousand happy customers globally, and now available in Malta.
  • Contact us for more information on how we can treat your garden.
  • MTech Malta also exports complete mosquito misting systems, and is looking for more distributors globally – let’s talk.

Why An Installed Mosquito Misting System?

  • Maybe because this system really works and eradicates mosquitoes permanently, with guaranteed results
  • Because it’s a high-powered system, the perfect solution for private gardens, parks, restaurants, hotels, holiday farms, schools, breeding farms, campsites and sports centres
  • It is safe for people, animals and vegetation as it uses natural or environmentally-friendly products.
  • Because we offer our unique expertise and professional competence.
  • Because we are the only company that can customise systems and control units upon request.

Money can’t buy happiness, but imagine not spending the day swatting mosquitoes!

What Liquid do we use?

Our Mosquito Solutions?

Mosquito Solutions

Installed Mosquito Misting Systems

Installed mosquito misting systems are the ultimate in mosquito control. We install a controller box, which has insecticide pump and controller in, connected to a small pipe around the perimeter of your property. This automatically gives off a mist 2-3 times per day for roughly 60-120 seconds per mist cycle. This effectively reduces your mosquito count by 95 - 99%.

Mosquito Backpack Spray

Backpack Spray Service

We offer a backpack service where we come to your home, and spray your garden, and also treat your water sources against mosquitoes. This is a temporary solution, and treatments last for around 2 - 4 weeks (environmental factors may effect this time).