Fevo Fever Detector



Fevobot is a contactless automatic wall mounted thermometer. Fevobot can perform a rapid fever check (in 0.5Sec) with 99.5% accuracy. This makes it an ideal solution for places with large footfalls. FevoBot works independently (without human moderation) by installing it on a wall or tripod or connecting with a smart device like Tablet, Computer, or Biometric Attendance system for data-logging.

Fevobot automatically gets calibrated as per the ambient conditions within 30 seconds of initiation. This auto stabilization feature makes Fevobot a preferred choice to be used under any ambient conditions without having any impact on its accuracy.

Fevobot automatic wall mounted thermometer performs a temperature check within 0.5 sec with 99.5% accuracy. This makes Fevobot an ideal solution to screen a long queue or a crowd at public hotspots.

Fevobot comes with an internal battery to last for a sufficient amount of time in case of power loss.

Fevobot performs an accurate temperature check using Contactless Omron Infrared Thermal Sensor. Every Fevobot passes through a series of calibration and quality checks to deliver temperature measurement with 99.5% accuracy (as per NABL Accredited Lab Certificate).

FevoBot automatic wall mounted thermometer performs a fever-check without any human moderation. It is an independent system that works autonomously for fever screening at important check-points.

Fevobot can connect with a biometric attendance system or an access control system using a USB-A Connector. It can communicate using a proprietary USB-Protocol. The data integration protocol can be provided for device-to-device communication. Fevobot can be connected with a system operating on Android, Linux, or Windows using a USB-A connector. Fevobot can also communicate with a software/application running in the system using USB-Communication Protocol.

Fevobot is specially designed to fit on any surface. You can install the device with the bolt and keyhole, Adhesive tape, or tripod mount. Anyone can install Fevobot without any technical support.


Fevo+ is a contactless, compact, and connected fever detection system. Fevo+ can be seamlessly connected to any Android Phone/Tablet using a USB-C port. It enables instant fever detection (0.5sec) with high accuracy (99.5%) and performs red-flagging in the Android app. This makes it an ideal solution for accurate body-temperature measurement and record-keeping on the Fevo Mobile App.

Fevo+ performs accurate temperature checks using Contactless Omron Infrared Thermal Sensor. Every Fevo+ passes through a series of calibration and quality checks to deliver temperature measurement with 99.5% accuracy (as per NABL Accredited Lab Certificate).

Fevo+ is a contactless, compact and connected fever detection system. Fevo+ is a pocket-sized device which can be connected to any smart device like an Android phone or Tablet via USB-C Type Connectivity. Its plug & play design makes it an ideal solution for Home use, Personal Care, Baby Care and Small offices. Using an inbuilt distance sensor, Fevo+ maintains the same distance during every check, which ensures the 99.5% accuracy (proven by NABL accredited laboratory). Fevo+ is 100% Make in India product powered by an accurate and trusted Omron (Japan) Sensor inside. Fevo+ is a powerless solution which works with any Android Phone/Tablet using the mobile app. Fevo+ can be used to check the human body temperature as well as the object temperature. The measurement data can be logged in the mobile app with unlimited data storage where Analytics can be performed & CSV Reports can be exported through 3rd party apps like Gmail, Whatsapp, etc.

Fevo+ is an ultra-compact device that can fit in a pocket to carry anywhere. Such compactness allows everyone to check body/object temperature on the go.

Fevo+ offers connectivity through its USB Type-C connector. It can be plugged into any Android, Linux, or Windows device to use Fevo+ without any setup. Once the temperature is checked by Fevo+, data is available through USB-connectivity.

Using an inbuilt proximity sensor, Fevo+ can detect a human or an object in the range and measure its temperature automatically. This capability offers precision accuracy due to constant measurement distance every time.

Fevo+ is designed for Plug & Play usage. It doesn’t require any setup for Android smart devices like phones or tablet. Fevo+ can be immediately detected in Fevo-App installed in the Android device and be ready to measure.

Self-care is as important as taking precautions from others. Fevo+ has a self-diagnosis mode which enables the user to measure and log his own temperature. The pocket-sized design makes it easy to carry around and be cautious.

Fevo+ can be used for human body as well as object temperature measurement. In Human-body mode, Fevo+ will measure only the human body temperature accurately. To measure an object temperature, measurement mode needs to be changed to Object mode from Settings in the Fevo App.

Using Fevo+, the temperature measurement data can be saved in the Fevo mobile app without any restriction of storage capacity. This data can be analyzed as well as exported in the form of a CSV Report.